Life As A Psycho
Stark Raving Mad

Rave Kids. Piss Me Off. and here’s why. bunch of annoying kids in a dark room with SYNTHESIZED “music” doing stupid little shows with lights and other gay crap. The music’s not even real, its computer crap. it takes no talent. Here’s the perfect rave “concert”   “Hey fellow raver, would you like to accompany me to a rave?”  ”Why yes fellow raver i would”   “Good, i’ll bring the drugs and glow sticks, so we can get high like a bunch of idiots and then remove all doubt of our stupidity by throwing these glow sticks around and call it dancing as we try to keep some sort of beat to our gay music.”   Right, go to a metal concert and jump into the mosh pit. See how long you last. At least we dont call moshing dancing for God’s sake. oh and by the way, while you’re in their moshing… I HOPE YOU GET YOUR FACE STOMPED IN  this one was a little dark for me, was it not?

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